Polish dwarf duck

Polish dwarf duck - species label

Polish dwarf duck
łac. Anas platyrhynchos f. domestica, Linnaeus, 1758
native breed

It’s a native Polish duck breed created in the 20th century. First, populations of mallards were produced by crossing wild specimens. From these populations, birds showing good meat qualities were picked out. Next, they were crossed with the lighter White Pekin ducks. The effect of this work is the Polish dwarf duck and as its name suggests, it is a somewhat smaller breed. Its plumage is white, the feet are orange, and the colour of the beak can vary between pink and orange.

male / female
body length: 51–67 cm / 81–96 cm
wingspan: ca. 101 cm
body mass: 1,6–1,75 kg / ca. 1,45 kg