The most important prohibitions in force at the zoo - all for the safety of our animals and visitors.

  • No entry with animals - all of them!

    Also applies to pets in strollers/baskets, in arms, muzzled, on a leash.

  • Ban on climbing dinosaur figures

  • Ban on entry with balloons

    A burst balloon next to the aviary netting can frighten/frighten our birds.

  • Prohibit the introduction of bicycles, and thus riding bicycles on the zoo grounds

    Bike racks are installed at each entrance gate.
    Important! Take the fastener - security is not responsible for parked unicycles.

  • Prohibition of entry/riding on rollerblades, skateboards

  • Prohibition of riding/entry of foot scooters, as well as electric scooters

    The zoo area is a place used mainly for walking. We make an exception only for the smallest children, who are under the constant supervision of their parents and do not threaten the safety of other visitors, and thus are not able to develop high speed.

  • Ban on lighting bonfires, barbecues

  • Ban on flying drones without permission from the Directorate

    A flying drone produces a sound that our animals are afraid of. All the more reason why flying after them/saying them is strictly forbidden!

  • Prohibition of alcohol consumption