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Zoological Garden in Lubin
The Zoo in Lubin was founded in 2014 on the grounds of a revitalised town park, whose history reaches back to the 19th century. It covers an area of 14 ha, the central part preserved in its natural state: a remnant of riparian woodland. Subsequently, the Garden features exceptional biodiversity, both in the case of dendroflora and avifauna. The Zoo can be enjoyed by following the different themed trails. The newest addition is the Fauna of Poland Trail with a European buffalo enclosure (the heaviest wild animal in Europe). Other tours include: Bird Trail, with enclosures for over 60 bird species from Poland and the world; Farm Animals Trail, with the biggest collection of native Polish breeds; Extinct Animals Trail, with several dozen of full-scale figures; and Natural Monument Trail, with 15 monument Trees. On the Zoo grounds, there is also a big playground with a fountain, as well as many amenities for the enjoyment of the outdoors. Feeding and scaring animals is strictly forbidden across the facility, as is entering with pets, on a bicycle or other vehicle.
The Zoo is open year-round, and admission is free.

Directors of the Zoological Garden in Lubin:
2014-2017 – Marek Zawadka
od 2017 – Agata Bończak