Regulations for the use of the Lubin Zoo (Wroclaw Park)

  1. The area of the park is used for leisure and active recreation in areas designated for this purpose, and is also the site of the zoo.
  2. The zoo area is open daily, except on days designated by separate decision, during specified hours.
  3. In the area of the zoo is prohibited :
    • introduction, bringing in and bringing in animals,
    • the presence of persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,
    • staying of children under 10 years of age unaccompanied by an adult,
    • littering the area,
    • making noise, using loud devices, and behavior that disrupts the peace, rest and safety of other park users and zoo animals,
    • animal feeding,
    • excessively approaching animals, frightening and teasing them,
    • climbing fences and crossing any barriers that distance visitors from cages or enclosures with animals,
    • throwing any objects into cages and animal enclosures,
    • entering the back of animal enclosures and any other facilities not open to the public,
    • admission with balloons,
    • entering and driving in the park alleys of all vehicles, with the exception of wheelchairs, emergency vehicles and vehicles authorized by the administrator, while maintaining a safe speed,
    • introduction, carrying out and riding of bicycles, scooters, roller skates, roller skates and any other electric and motorized vehicles in the park,
    • carrying weapons or dangerous objects (e.g., knives, chains, knuckles),
    • destruction of greenery: trees, shrubs, lawns and flower beds,
    • entering and bathing in fountains,
    • swimming and fishing in the teaching pond,
    • consumption of alcoholic beverages with the exception of places where business is conducted in this area and during organized events under the terms of a separate decision,
    • bringing in and using pyrotechnics, explosives and harmful chemicals,
    • use of equipment and exhibits contrary to their purpose, including climbing on the figures of extinct animals (dinosaurs, etc.),
    • campfires and barbecues,
    • placing signs, advertisements, inscriptions and announcements, including the distribution of leaflets, without the permission of the park administrator,
    • trading and conducting services without permission from the park administrator,
    • to hold any events without the permission of the administrator,
    • flying a drone and taking pictures/videos with it over the park’s territory without the administrator’s permission.
  4. It is forbidden to use photos taken on the zoo’s premises for marketing, commercial purposes or in publications without the prior written consent of the facility manager. Photos taken on the zoo’s grounds may be used only for personal purposes.
  5. Use of the zoo area is at the user’s own risk or at the risk of the child’s guardian.
  6. Fines may be imposed for feeding and causing damage to an animal by a visitor.
  7. Users of the zoo grounds shall not, by their behavior, prevent or restrict the use of facilities open to the public by other users.
  8. Violation of the bylaws is punishable as provided for in the Code of Offenses and other laws.